Steps To Prevent Diabetes

Want to get you blood sugar back in control and feel better?

If you have prediabetes or are at risk for diabetes and want to stop the progression of this disease, I have developed 8 Quick Action Steps you can do this week to your blood sugars balanced and back on track.

A great side effect is reducing your belly fat and fitting into your favorite jeans!

These 8 Steps (or TIPS with actions you take) helped me get my blood sugars back in control and my doctor was so happy. I feel better and want to help you prevent prediabetes from progressing without counting calories or over-exercising.

Are you ready to prevent type 2 diabetes?

I want to share my steps and training with you so you can eat better, feel better and live better!

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Why is this different?

Action steps guide you on specific lifestyle changes you can make today.

Nutrition education is based on current scietific research! No more searching false health claims.

Includes lists of foods to eat and avoid.

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Stop fad diets and diet pills and learn what to do to balance your blood sugars.

Easy to follow information that helps you achieve your goal.

Bonus section on portion control, FB private group access for community support.

About the Author

Ann Marie Stein, RDN, CEO & Founder of A Health Ally

I am a Registered Dietitian with 30 years of healthcare experience. Working in healthcare can be stressful and I noticed I could not lose weight and I did not feel myself. I am the person that should know what’s happening to my body because I was trained in it. I worked to help others have safe, quality care in hospitals, but I wasn’t taking care of myself. My weight and blood sugar levels put me at risk for diabetes. When the doctor told me I had prediabetes, I was in shock. It woke me up and I researched current science in preventing diabetes and reversing pre-diabetes. I developed a program for myself and I lost 20 pounds, and 7 inches off my waist in four months. My blood sugar is now balanced and in a normal range.

The best news is my A1c is now normal at 5.2!

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Go From Prediabetes

To Normal Blood Sugars With These 8 Tips

There are over 2 Billion searches on how to prevent or reverse diabetes. This guidebook with these 8 tips will show you how to prevent diabetes from progressing. Most importantly, you don't have to count calories, be a famous chef, exercise like a professional athlete, or stop eating out with your friends and family. Download the e-guidebook today and start your journey with one of the easiest ways to prevent prediabetes and diabetes from progressing. The sooner you begin, the sooner you FEEL BETTER, LIVE BETTER, and get your blood sugars in control!

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It's Time To Change

Change is hard because there is so much false and conflicting information on the internet, making it difficult to know what to do. This guidebook is not a magic pill, but it has real action steps you can do today.

Download your digital book now.



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